Omagh Wheelers – McCann Cup

Disappointment was the first thought when I crossed the line this weekend at the McCann Cup. The race started the same as most this season with a 3 minute handicap for the A2 riders which was reeled in after around 3 of 7 laps.

After the race came together the attacking started, with everyone having a go at getting away. On a few occasions I thought I managed to get into a brake that would stick however everything seemed to be getting reeled back in. Eventually after several more attempts and some very sore legs I managed to make it into what turned out to be the winning brake of 8. In the brake there were 2 ASEA riders and 3 from Caldwell Cycles, we worked well until the last lap and then the attacks started again.


I was struggling to pick the right attacks to choose and who to follow, two riders picked the perfect time to go and I didn’t have the legs to get across. I tried to recover and go again but as most riders that were left with me had a team mate up the road, I was fighting a loosing battle. Missed timed efforts allowed two more riders to get up to the front of the race and I was slowly loosing hope. With 5km to go I decided to try and close the gap one last time with the help of Angus Fyffe (Omagh Wheeler’s) however neither of us enough in the tank.

By the time we got to the line a scrappy sprint left me in 7th position, not the result I wanted and one I certainly wasn’t happy about. Coming into the race I felt strong but feel that my lack of experience in certain situations when I’m out numbered, and timing my efforts right are still areas I need to improve in.

Power numbers from race - sore legs!

Power numbers from race – sore legs!

Who knows what next week will bring 🙂

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