John Moore Memorial – 2nd Place

After a great opening weekend of racing last week, I was looking forward to getting into the thick of it again. This time around it was the John Moore Memorial hosted by Castlereagh Cycling Club. Due to ice the planned course was changed back to the course raced in previous years.


The race started with a 3 minute gap between A3 and A2 and a further 3 minutes back to the A1 group, meaning the pace was high from the get-go.The A2 group were caught after two laps while the A3 group were reeled in after the half way point. From this point on there were several attempts at braking away, but nothing was sticking.


Eventually 6 riders got up the road, including Rodger Aiken, Craig Rea and Angus Fyffe, I was kicking myself because I knew it was going to stick. I waited patiently for the right moment to attack and attempt to get across to the lead group. I put in a hard effort up the drag to the finish before being joined by Daniel Stewart. Working hard together and taking strong turns, we managed to bridge across to the leading group. Working well together for a couple of laps and a decent time gap when the final lap bell rang – I thought this was the winning break.

12803215_1545204769111199_1957012465921529231_nAt this stage everyone was marking each other and trying to brake away, this slowed things up and allowed a few more riders to get across. Eventually it ended up being a reduced bunch sprint with around 12 riders. I managed to get myself in a descent position for the sprint and gave it everything, I crossed the line in 2nd place behind Rodger Aiken.


A step in the right direction but one position away from where I want to be, I was happy with the result considering the strong caliber of riders that were racing, but lets hope the next one is a win! Thanks to Toby Watson and the Belgian Project for providing the photos and to all the marshals that took time out of their day to keep everyone safe on the roads.


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