Phoenix GP

I still have to pinch myself when I think back to this time last year, my first win at the Annaclone GP A4 race and then winning at the Phoenix GP A3 race, it was fair to say I was instantly hooked. Fast forward 12 months into my first full season on the road and I’m racing against the best riders in the country in the A1/2 race.

After waking up this morning and my legs being surprisingly ok after yesterdays race, I was excited  to get back at it. There was a great turn out of quality A1 riders, so I was looking forward to testing the form again against a stronger field.


Today there was a 2 1/2 minute handicap between the A2 group and the A1 group, after the 3rd lap it all came together and then the attacking really started to pick up. Several attempts were made but not much was sticking, three riders got up the road and before long had created a gap. I got into the chase group of five and managed to bridge across to the three at the front before the final drag to the finish.

Craig Rea (Phoenix CC) and Ali McCauley (ASEA) rode off the front and no one from the brake was willing to chase. Eventually myself, Eoin Morton (UCD) and Adam Armstrong (ASEA) split from the rest of the breakaway riders in pursuit of the two ahead. I attempted to bridge across to the two at the front on my own, but ran out of steam and ended up being passed by Eoin and Adam with a few hundred meters to go. One last effort saw me crossing the line in 5th.


Although a little disappointed with the end result today, I took a lot of positives out of the weekend – the engine is there I just need to try use it more efficiently next time. A 3rd yesterday at Annaclone and a 5th today is a successful start to the season in my books. Onwards and upwards from here.


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