Irish Winter Series Round 1 – Fairymount Farm

The 1st round of the Irish Downhill Winter Series was held at Fairymount Farm last weekend, It was the 1st time I had ever ridden there and I wasn’t really sure what to expect but had heard good things about the track. Dan and I went down on Saturday  morning to have a quick look at the track and I was really impressed. It had so many fun turns and jumps you could just send into so was excited to get riding.

fairymount 1

Practice on Saturday was really good fun, it was great to get riding the Nukeproof Scalp again one last time before I receive my new Nukeproof Pulse which I am very excited about. I felt like I got used to the track fairly quickly and did one full run at the end of the day and was happy with that. A big shout out to Gerry Grimes who let Dan and I stay at his house on Saturday night, he has also done some amazing work on the track to get it ready for the weekend.

fairymount 2

Woke up on Sunday morning and it had been raining over night which made practice that morning fun trying to stay upright. As the day wen’t on the track stared to dry and slowed down a little with the muck just getting thicker. It was time for seeding and I popped a few tear offs on my new 100% Goggles and headed up for my run, I was having a great run and then towards the end of the run I dropped my chain and had to finish without pedaling. Despite this I came down into 4th only a few seconds back so I was feeling good for the race run.

fairymount 3

Got some more grub and then headed up for my race run. I had a solid run hit all my lines and came down into the lead with only a few riders to go. My time held up and I managed to snap up my 1st Elite win, it was a good feeling to get racing again and was good to get started on the right foot.


Results –

You can find out more about the Farm here as they hold uplift weekend on the race track most weekends.

Cheers to Edzemphoto for the pictures for the weekend and you can check out their facebook page here.

Thanks to all my sponsors for their continued support – Nukeproof, Schwalbe, 100% Eyewear, Contour,,

Next race will be on the 23/24th feb at Innerleithan for the 1st round of the Borderline Events UK DH Series.

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