Team Report from BDS Round 2

Last weekend the Nukeproof team headed to Fort William for the second round of the British Downhill Series, Dan was still out injured but also decided to make the trip over to support the rest of the team.

This was Bens first time over at Fortwilliam and he was excited to say the least “This was my first time in Fortwilliam and I was so excited, I had always wanted to go as I’ve seen the track so many times in videos so I was looking forward to smashing runs out with the Team”

Practise for the guys went well, they all got around 4 runs in and the word around the Pits was that there was a possibility that the seeding run that had been moved to Saturday afternoon and may count as the final race runs due to weather warnings for Sunday. Chris had a big crash near the end of practise “Saturday practise was going well and then I had a massive crash on a very fast part of the track, luckily I managed to land through some trees and into one of the only soft spots in fort william!!” said Chris

Time for the seeding runs and Ben was first up he had a steady run and finished 12th just ahead of fellow Irish rider Jacob Dickson. Here’s what Ben had to say about his run. “My run went quite well, I made a few mistakes in the forest but apart from that it went well. I managed to beat my competition from Ireland but have some work to do in order to get up on the podium with the British boys at the next round”

Next up was Chris fresh back from his trip from Bulgaria he was feeling fast and confident and knew he had to make it count as the race had been called off on Sunday. Speaking about his run Chris said “My race run was ok, I was having a solid run up top and then made a few mistakes in the forest but all in all a steady run. I ended up finishing 3rd which I was happy with but know there is still alot of things I need to work on going into the next race”

Pic – Jacob Gibbins Photography

Greg was the final rider to make his way down and by this time the wind at the top had really picked up. He finished up in 12th in a very stacked Elite field. Greg’s comments on his result ” I finished up in 12th a result I’m not very happy about, I know I can finish a lot better than that and I guess I’ll just have to bring it at the rest of the rounds.”

It was a solid weekend for all the Team members but they all still eager to Improve on their results. Dan is on a fast road to recovery and should be fit and kicking for the next Irish round.

Thanks to all our team sponsors Nukeproof, Schwalbe, Nema and

Greg will be racing in Glencoe this weekend at the next round of the SDA and the following weekend Dan, Ben and Chris will be attending the 3rd round of the IDMS.


Riding Pictures –

Podium Picture – Jacob Gibbins Photography

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