Innerleithen Winter Series

There was a group of 8 of us going on the trip over for the Winter Series race. We had an early start on friday as we had to go collect some new shiny linkages for our Nukepro0f Scalps.

We then headed to the track and arrived at around half 5 and decided to take a look at the track. It was one of the better ones I have raced here as it really did have a mix of everything . Tight , steep and technical at the top with some flat out forest sections abit of pedalling and then a few jumps thrown into the mix. I was very excited to get practising.

I headed up early for practise on saturday morning kitted out with my new Nema rain jacket which came in handy this weekend as we seen all elements. I felt awkward on the track for the first few runs and wasn’t really sure on where I was going so Ben, Dan and I decided to take a long run down and section everything. This got me pretty excited as I started hitting everything the way I wanted. We then headed back to our accommodation and had a massive feed of  Pasta.

We woke up on Sunday to something strange, snow and lots of it. We headed to the track and got suited up for some fun in the snow. There was actually alot more grip on the track than on Saturday and alot of corners got pretty rutted up so you could really smash into them which was so much fun. I then did something stupid and locked my keys in my car so had to go up for my 1st run in my muddy gear.

My race run went pretty well, I hit all my lines fast and felt good on the pedalling sections as I was 1st off I came down into the lead and didn’t really know how good my time was. I patiently waited as all the juniors came down and no one was able to beat my time of 3.22 and was leading coming into the 2nd runs by 2 seconds over Fraser McGlone.

Photo by Phunkt!

As I had a solid 1st run I decided to try and push it really hard in my second run and ended up making stupid mistakes and came down a few seconds slower than my 1st run time. Fraser went faster in his second run posting a 3.21 which was 1 second faster than my time slotting me in second place in the Juniors. However I was still very happy with my result as our times would have placed us high in the Elite field. This has given me a big confidence boost coming into the 1st round of the UCI World Cup.

Thanks again to the continuous support from all my sponsors. Nukeproof, Schwalbe, Nema, and I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Contour cameras, I will be bringing lots of head cams and videos from my travels around the world.

Next stop South Africa!

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