Irish Winter Series Round 1

The weekend past saw my 1st race of the season, it has felt like a very short off season which has been filled with training and work in preperation for the 1st World Cup round in South Africa. Back to the race.

The race was held in the famous Bigwood in Newry and was being held by my local cycling club Chain Reaction Cycles. It was a 1 day event aimed at getting everyone to race and also to try and encourage new comers to have a go at racing.

I arrived to the venue on saturday after a day testing my new 2012 Nukeproof scalp to help set up and also take a quick look at the track. It was a fun course with some nice sections and was a good track for everyone trying racing for the 1st time.

I woke up on Sunday morning knowing it was going to be one of those days. I could hear the rain on top of the house and that was never a good sing. I arrived at the venue and got kitted up for some muddy practise. All i can say is that I was glad to be back racing and riding with all the Irish guys that I only get to see when I’m racing. I did a few runs with team mate Ben Kenned and Colin “the garde” Oleary and was having so much fun. The track was really grippy as it was just a river the whole way down.

Practise began to haunt me as I was having so much fun I got carried away and did 5 runs in the morning and this left me pretty tired as it was a push up race so I had pushed to the top of the track 6 times before my race run.

I had a fairly average run which I was quite dissapointed about. I felt like I was riding well in practise and just didnt have enough energy left in the tank to have that same run in my race. I didnt have any mistakes as such I just didnt feel as if i was attacking the track like I was in practise. To my suprise I came down in 3rd place in the elites and was only bumpped down 1 place by Greg Callaghan who nudged me out of a podium position by a fraction of a second.

I had decided to move up into the Elite category in Ireland a year early to push myself this season to get me up to that standard of speed that is needed to compete at a World Cup level. A 4th for my 1st race was a good start and I’m only looking to improve from here. The next race in this series is in bigwood again on the 26th Feb.

I would like to thank my sponsors for their constant support and I’m looking forward to another great season of racing.


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